Bauer Trial Preparation, Inc.
is a full-service investigation, surveillance and trial preparation firm with (40) years of experience in conducting all areas of investigation, as well as pre-trial & at-trial preparation.

We at Bauer Trial Preparation Inc. have committed ourselves to providing our clients with the highest quality, expedient, comprehensive and efficient results. learn more

Polygraph Services

Bauer Trial Preparation, Private Ivnestigators, NY, NJ, Polygraph Services Bauer Trial Preparation provides the following polygraph services:... learn more

TSCM Services

Bauer Trial Prep, Technical surveillance countermeasures inspection (TSCM), NY, NJ Bauer Trial Preparation provides corporate and domestic Technical... learn more

Mobile Forensics

Bauer Trial Prep, Mobile Forensics Services, NY, NJ During a cellular and mobile device forensic examination,... learn more

Computer Forensics

Recover and document illicit online activities, which include:... learn more

Claims Investigation

Our firm accesses all of its investigative tools... learn more

Trial Preparation

Bauer Trial Preparation, Trial Preparation Services, NY, NJ Attorneys use the tools they are provided in... learn more


Bauer Trial Preparation, Surveillance Services, NJ, NY Surveillance is the art of monitoring a subjects... learn more

Background Investigation

Our extensive network of discreet databases provide immediate... learn more