About Bauer Trial Preparation, Inc. Private Investigators for the Insurance Agency

Bauer Trial Preparation, Inc.

is a full-service investigation and trial preparation firm with (4) decades of experience in conducting all areas of investigation, as well as pre-trial & at-trial preparation.

We at Bauer Trial Preparation Inc. have committed ourselves to providing our clients with the highest quality, expedient, comprehensive and efficient results. Our firm has established ourselves as a top performer in the industry for four decades. We have assembled a group of unique talent and experts that have former backgrounds of federal, state, local law enforcement, intelligence and technology skills. We also have investigators who speak multiple languages.

We are licensed, bonded and Insured in the States of New York and New Jersey.

We specialize in insurance investigations (general, premises and auto liability, including personal and commercial lines) trial preparation, surveillance, background investigations, products liability, medical malpractice, plane crashes, dram shop/liquor liability, lead/mold cases, construction, fire and explosion cases.

Our firm has conducted trial preparation and investigations for some of the most outstanding trial attorneys in the country, as well as some of the finest law firms in the country. We also have relationships with the top experts with proven jury appeal who have “written the book” in their respective specialties.

We have worked in the courtroom as trial preparation experts. Our firm has participated in some of the most noted trials in New York and New Jersey history. We have negotiated cases in the courtroom in excess of $50 million.

Our understanding of all aspects of trial and the admissibility of evidence have made us a valuable asset when monitoring or preparing for a trial on behalf of insurance companies and clients. We have appeared in almost every state court and most federal courts in New York and New Jersey.

Our firm has conducted extensive investigations on behalf of some of most notable insurance carriers in country over the past (4) decades and have worked on noted high-profile cases.

Our firm served as chief investigators for the contractor in the Stouffer’s Inn Fire that killed (24) people in December 1980. Our firm also acted as chief investigators in the investigation of the crash of U.S. Air Flight 427 (the longest investigation in the history of the National Transportation Safety Board).

Our firm served as chief investigators and conducted extensive trial preparation and investigation for one of the largest food and beverage concessionaires in the United States. Our firm located, interviewed and prepared numerous party and non-party witnesses to testify at trial on matters relevant to the defense including, but not limited to, industry standards and practices in the service of alcohol in public assembly venues, employee training in alcohol awareness programs such as TIPS, and security issues. We worked closely with trial counsel and defense experts in all aspects of discovery and investigation up to and including trial settlement.

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